Welcome to the region of Dordogne!


Things to do & Activities

Pombonne lake/beach

Although the coast is a two hour drive away we are lucky to have one of the best kept secrets in Bergerac. A 5min drive from La Forestine on the north-eastern edge of Bergerac you can discover the amazing Pombonne lake with a beach. This very pleasant area is free to enter and use, is one of the few lakes and rivers in the region which has a ‘beach’ and where it is easy for children to splash around and cool down on a summers day.

You can walk around the lake which will take 10-15mins. A pleasant stroll and plenty of lovely areas to sit and read a book under the shade of the trees. Also, there is a stretch of river near the lake too. Many people enjoy a paddle to cool off in the water.

On the western side you have parking and also an area to buy refreshments and food. They also do a lovely meal in the evening time and some live music.


A short 10-15min drive from La Forestine in the heart of the ‘Purple Perigord’ you can share and enjoy this thrilling outdoor 800-meter race track. Perfect entertainment for adults and great for families although there is a minimum age limit of 7 years of age for children. Under the supervision of a qualified FFSA instructor you can learn the basics and develop your skills. There is also a clubhouse along with a panoramic terrace overlooking the circuit for you to relax and watch your friends and family as they participate.

The entire track can be booked out privately if you have a group or special event.

Aqua Water Park

On a hot summers day Bergerac Aqua Park would be the perfect way to enjoy lazing around the pool and joining in with some water activities. Also, a 10-15min drive from La Forestine, the water park has in total 4 pools. One is a large paddling pool for young children. One is a shallow pool with a mushroom shower, for young children also. Another 2 pools you can splash into from the large slides. A six person Jacuzzi is available for adults and plenty of space around the pools for sunbathing.

They also have other activities such as Ping-Pong, beach volleyball and a bouncy castle for young children.

Caves-Gouffre de Proumeyssac

The wonderful caves in the North of Dordogne is a 45mins drive from La Forestine and is defiantly wroth a day visit.

Visit the beautiful and stunning Gouffre de Proumeyssac and see the incredible ‘cathedral of crystal’. The caves of Proumeyssac are mainly one huge cavern and inside are some incredible collections of stalactites and stalagmites. To enter the cave you can walk down a tunnel or can pay extra to be lowered down in a basket from the ceiling. There is also a musical light show which illuminates the cavern and the different ‘sculptures’. The spectacle is very beautiful with the stalactites and strangely ‘terrassed’ pools all lit up to great benefit.

There is a café, a shop and a play area for children.

Caves-The Grotte du Grand Roc

Another stunning natural cave found half way up a cliff face above the Vezere river. This is a 57min drive from La Forestine. Wonderful views of the Vezere river when entering the caves. People have said then main cavern is like a fairy grotto, with thousands of tiny and small stalactites clinging to the ceilings and crystalized and solidified rivers of calcified rock running down the walls. A perfect day out in Dordogne.

Chateau Monbazillac

Take a lovely drive or cycle through the vineyards to the top of the hill to visit Chateau de Monbazillac. The Chateau itself is impressive and has amazing views. Dating from around 1550 it has been a property of Monbazillac cooperative winery since 1960.A good exhibition and explanation of the history and methods of the local winemaking.There is a wine tasting centre where there is a variety of Monbazillac wines and which you can also buy.

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